L&R 2014 – 4 Days Later

I’ve been back in Portland four days now, and it still isn’t processing for me quite yet that I am home and that the trip is over. I don’t feel like I am all the way here yet. Feels like I left part of me in Rome and that it is still there, looking at the sun set over a skyline of domed basilicas, tile roofs, and TV aerials.

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L&R 2014 – Day 9 : Coliseum and Beyond

11:02PM: Listening to a fireworks display somewhere in the distance. Not sure what they are celebrating, unless it is fashion week kicking off, but I don’t think I am anywhere near the three main fashion streets of Via Condotti, Via Borgognona, or Via Frattii and the fireworks sound like they are in a piazza not too far away.

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L&R 2014 – Day -1 : Packing

This time tomorrow I’ll be in London. Still not feeling real to me, my head still feels fuzzy about the whole thing. London itself doesn’t feel real to me, in the sense of it being a place I’ve only read about out of a book or seen on TV. It would be just as believable right now if my trip was to Narnia or Oz.

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