Think I am over my romance with OpenOffice. Just too freakishly hard to open .odt files when I am not at home in front of my laptop.

Not interested in going backwards to MS Office either. Choosing between the two of them at this point is like asking myself whether I’d prefer my bowels to be suffering from diarrhea or constipation. Neither is pleasant and both leave me grumpy.

And don’t even get me started on Apple’s Pages, that program is just an insult to writing. Annoying feature set and a proprietary format, doubling down on failure.

Might just finally cough up and get Scrivener on my PC at home. Write everything from now on in .rtf format, save it to my Dropbox or Google Drive or Amazon Cloud or iCloud folder, and then be able to open it anywhere since just about everything can open .rtf files.

Export it as .doc or .pdf when I have to turn stuff in, but work entirely in .rtf.

Scrivener also has good project control for keeping notes on my writing organized alongside the writing itself.

Just feels like I’ve spent almost as much time fighting OpenOffice & Pages & Google Docs on just being able to open my writing, and getting it to format correctly, as I have writing lately.

Sitting here working on a paper for class, and I have drafts in OpenOffice, Google Docs, Phraseology, and Pages. This is just getting silly.

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