Random Encounters

Not often that I have a meaningful conversation while waiting for the bus. Usually I am approached by people who want a cigarette (I don’t smoke), to know how long until the next bus (because I am either psychic or they are too lazy to stop texting and check on their own smart phone), or if I have found Jesus (pretty sure he is dead, not a missing person, but then again it’s been a while since I’ve seen a milk carton with missing person ads printed on the side). So I wasn’t expecting the talk I had Saturday night.

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L&R 2014 – 4 Days Later

I’ve been back in Portland four days now, and it still isn’t processing for me quite yet that I am home and that the trip is over. I don’t feel like I am all the way here yet. Feels like I left part of me in Rome and that it is still there, looking at the sun set over a skyline of domed basilicas, tile roofs, and TV aerials.

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Summer Remodeling Project

My home has been an ongoing project ever since I got it. Originally it was supposed to be a quick flip: new coat of paint, re-finish the floors, update the cabinet doors, swap out the plugs and switches for more modern ones. Unfortunately the inspector was a bit less than competent and it’s been an ongoing project ever since.

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Tasting Pennies

I’ve always heard it said that blood in your mouth tastes like pennies, that it’s the copper you are tasting. Actually has me wondering if that is still true, if there is still enough copper in a penny to taste that way. Don’t have any pennies to check, at least not any that are clean enough that I’d want to put in my mouth, but I am tasting blood now.

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