A Moments Thoughts on Travel

LeftInBagFrom2014Yesterday, six months ago, I had just returned from Rome.
Yesterday, six months from now, I will have just returned from Rome.
Tomorrow, I am getting on a plane to fly to California.

The same carry-on bag, different contents.
Leather walking shoes for strolling museums, not this trip.
Hiking boots for mountainsides, needed this time.

Books, however, always books.
Julius Caesar and The Comedy of Errors, to Europe.
The Art of Travel and Italian Language Essentials, to Vasquez Rocks.

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L&R 2014 – Fountain in Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere

Part of my study abroad trip to London and Rome in September is a series of blog posts about the things we see and do while on the trip. This is the seventh of seven required posts about Rome and is about a fountain in Rome.

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